Polish property ranked most attractive for 2013

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Polish property investment is on the up, according to new
figures. Data from CBRE shows that investment in Central and Eastern Europe
tripled in the first quarter of 2013 from last year to reach €2.6 billion. And
Poland is leading the way, with investors rating the country the most
attractive market for the year.

They certainly don’t get more attractive than Nogat Palace,
a 19th Century Country Manor
House in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province. And not just because of
the gorgeous lakeside location.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” says owner Caroline Anderson, who
shows me round the estate.

“The palace goes back to 1800 when it was built by the
Kalkenstein family,” she explains, walking past the lake.

The tranquil beauty around the manor is surprisingly calming
– the land alone spans 1.5 hectares. She assures me that we are only one hour
away from Gdansk international – “just a few miles from the new A1 motorway” –
but I find it hard to believe.

“We bought it with the intention of using it as a family
residence,” she continues. “80 per cent of the renovation has been done and
complies with all building regulations. It just needs someone to finish it

Looking around the estate, they’ve clearly been busy.
There’s even a new two-bedroom gate keepers house nearby with two double
garages.  You can tell it’s been carried
out to the highest possible standard.

But the building itself is what really impresses.

“It’s nearly back to life,” she smiles. My mind is already
grinning at all the things you could do with it.

A clinic, a care home, a fitness camp, a private club, a
recording studio. The list seems endless. Keeping it as a family home would
surely have been a waste, I tell her.

“It has previously had planning permission granted to be
turned into a hotel,” she admits. Why stop there? I counter. With the massive
lake next door, you could turn it into a fantastic fishing destination.

She nods. “That’s exactly the kind of vision needed to
complete the project!”

We stroll away from the grand entrance and head for the gate
keepers house. She tells me that’s where the heating system is located. I’m too
busy thinking up names for my new fishing resort.

The Great Troutdoors! As ludicrous as it sounds, part of me
knows that there’s no better time to do it. With real estate investment in
Poland on the up and house prices climbing again by 5.6 per cent following a
bargain-bringing plummet of almost one-third, the market current is definitely
streaming in the right direction.

I try the name out loud.

“The Great Troutdoors!”

Caroline doesn’t respond. The stunning silence is almost

“You think someone else can do better?” I ask.

“Yes,” she replies confidently.

You can’t blame her. Even after two hundred years, the Nogat
Palace has never been more attractive.


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