Poland tops property chart

Polish capital Warsaw has topped a list of the best places to invest in property abroad.

Prestige Group’s International Hotspots Index is designed to provide a detailed guide to the top-ten overseas property hotspots, helping potential buyers to consider the different conditions in each country.

The index takes into account stamp duty levels, the legal system and financing possibilities, as well as anticipated rental yields.

As might be expected, Dubai, Brazil, Florida and the Bulgarian capital Sofia all made the grade in a list that included three former Easter Bloc countries and five emerging hotspots.

However, although the western areas of Portugal’s Algarve appeared as an overseas property opportunity, there was a general trend away from the Mediterranean towards less traditional markets, according to Finfacts Ireland.

A summary of the countries covered considered Sofia to have promising low property values, with other opportunities in Florida, Budapest, Cape Town and the fledgling foreign investment market in Brazil.

Poland’s Warsaw was said to have excellent high-end opportunities thanks to the strength of its economy.

Gerard Murphy, Prestige managing director, said: “Overseas residential markets provide a great opportunity for some major returns but, as with any investment, people have to see past the hype and do their research.”

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