Plovdiv is Top Draw in Bulgaria

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The central Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is becoming a popular tourist site in one of Eastern Europe’s most popular countries. International visitors and second home purchasers are looking for more and more homes and destinations in this country. In 2007, Bulgaria experienced one of the highest growth rates of tourism in the world, according to Clement Wong, travel and tourism manager for Euromonitor International, a global market research firm. With some of the oldest sites and ruins anywhere in the world, Plovidv has gained a reputation as a history buff’s dream location.
Located 150 kilometers southeast of Sofia, Plovdiz has a population of almost 350,000 residents. It ranks as the second Bulgarian city in population, size and significance, after the capital of Sofia. In addition to being an important cultural, historic and tourist centre, Plovdiv is a regional administrative centre. The location in the center of the country makes it convenient to get to any other part of Bulgaria, all within a half a day’s drive.
The major landmark is The Old Town of Plovdiv, which attracts visitors from all over the world. It covers the Three-hill area, which is the original location of the town and has the Nebet Tepe Archaeological Complex. Almost all of the most interesting history-related sights are within the old town area, including the ancient Roman Amphitheatre. The marble amphitheatre, built up by Emperor Мark Aurelius during the 2nd century, is the best-preserved monument of those times within the country and one of the most impressive in the world. It continues to host various performances in the warmer months of the year.

Nebet Tepe was recently named by Forbes as one of the best sites in Eastern Europe to visit, and a great bargain for your travel investment. Part of a three-hill range, Nebet towers 203 meters (666 feet) above sea level and offers its visitors a stunning panorama of the Balkan Mountains, the Bulgarian Renaissance-style architecture within old town Plovdiv, and multiple ancient ruins dating back to the third century B.C, including Hissar Kapiya, the eastern gate of the fortress, built more than 2000 years ago.
This central Bulgarian city is a nice alternative from the packed beaches during the summer. If you are thinking about heading east, then look into it.
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