Petrobras New Wells Top 200,000 BBL. Per Day 2 Days After Production Starts

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This December, the combined daily output of Petrobras and its partners exceeded 200,000 barrels of oil equivalent (oil and gas) per day in the Santos Basin. Brazil´s current production is 2,572,000 BBD, ranking 9th in the world prior to the new well coming on line. Petrobras management has said its business plan calls for doubling production  by 2020 which would place Brazil fourth in the world, according to the ranking below:

On December 6, two days after operations began at well RJS-686, connected to platform FPSO Cidade de Angra dos Reis (the Lula Pilot Project), in the Santos Basin, the total output reached 205,700 barrels of oil equivalent (boe).

With results like this it seems entirely reasonable for the company to reach its state operational goal within the planned time, as new wells are brought into production from the immense offshore fields, Campos Basin, Carioca, and others. These reserves are known collectively as pre-sal as they lie in very deep water of the coast between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and beneath a rock hard layer of salt crust on the seabed.

This total includes 144,100 barrels of oil and condensate, in addition to 9.8 million cubic meters of natural gas (equivalent to an output of 61,600 boe), of which 8.5 million cubic meters were delivered to the Monteiro Lobato Gas Treatment Unit (UTGCA), in Caraguatatuba, and 1.3 million cubic meters to the Presidente Bernardes Refinery (RPBC) Natural Gas Unit, in Cubatão, both in the state of São Paulo.

Production this December 6 came from the following sources:

· 99,300 barrels of oil from the pre-salt reservoirs nestled in the Lula Field and in the Carioca Nordeste area;

· 44,800 barrels of oil and condensate produced in the post-salt reservoirs located in the Uruguá, Mexilhão and Lagosta fields, and in the Tiro and Sídon areas;

· 8.5 million cubic meters of natural gas (53,400 boe) offloaded to UTGCA and originating from the Uruguá, Mexilhão and Lula fields (the fisrt two are located in the post-salt and the latter in the pre-salt layer);

· 1.3 million cubic meters of natural gas (8,200 boe) transported to RPBC and produced in the Lagosta field, also in the Santos Basin post-salt region.

1.    Russia           10,540,000

2.    Saudi             08,800,000

3.    U. S.               07,800,000

4.    Iran                 04,172,000

5.    China             03,991,000

6.    Canada         03,289,000

7.    Mexico           03,001,000

8.    UAE               02,798,000

9.    Brazil             02,572,000

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