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  • 17 years ago
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Western New York Real Estate is offering extreme value for money for overseas property investors. One UK based agency has now sold over 100 Western New York homes to UK investors who are keen to get in on the action. Homes are available from only £10,000 and coupled with a strong pound the state is proving irresistible.
When it comes to real estate prices and growth the western part of New York State has traditionally lagged behind the fast-growing New York City and its suburbs. Buffalo and Rochester, as well as other smaller cities in this part of the state, have seen very stable markets and now offer much to interested investors. Indeed, they have some of the lowest prices in the country.
Brennan Property Investments a UK based company specialize in Western New York properties and have been doing well with UK investors. The company has seen over 100 sales to UK investors who now see their own market as a harder place to operate. UK housed prices according to many pundits will see a leveling out over the next few months. Sterling continues to have the advantage of the US Dollar and this also appears to be a deciding factor for investors.
Western New York Properties are priced from only £10,000 see what is available here
The mortgage situation continues to concern financial experts in the US and the negative effects of the sub prime situation roll on. This has resulted in more people renting their homes, Western New York has traditionally high levels of renters and this is set to continue. Rental property it appears is set to be a sound investment
Both Buffalo and Rochester are major US cities, though not nearly as well known as their eastern counterpart New York City and its golden isle of Manhattan. The Buffalo metro area, which includes the well-known and popular vacation spot of Niagara Falls, has a population of over 1.2 million residents. The Rochester metro area has a population of just over 1 million residents. Both cities are located on lakes – Buffalo on Lake Erie and Rochester on Lake Ontario – and both are near the Canadian border for those who like to travel the second largest country in the world.
Getting to western New York State is relatively easy, and there are many options. There are connecting flights to both major cities through New York and Boston. Many travelers also fly directly into Toronto, Canada from London and other UK airports, and drive into the US. Toronto is just over an hour from the border, and it’s not much further to Buffalo. Rochester is approximately an hour east of Buffalo.

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