Overseas Property Investors Expectations Changing

  • 16 years ago
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Overseas property investors have changed their expectations with the types of investment deals they expect to buy and still remain enthusiastic when the right investment is presented to them. These are the claims made by overseas property portal Homesgofast.com and international real estate agents who specialise in investment property.
Homesgofast.com conducted a campaign featuring low priced real estate and what it described as ‘Irresistible deals’ aimed at its database of 14000 investors. The campaign generated 60% increase over standard campaigns and clearly demonstrated the change in investors buying habits.
Director Nicholas Marr “We asked our agents to present irresistible deals in a campaign aimed at international property investors. These included low prices, distressed sales, low deposit finance, off plan property with long payment plans, French leaseback properties and investment property with guaranteed returns. The response took us all by surprise it was like investors had pent up investment funds just waiting for the right deals”
Robert Stones of Target Markets www.target-markets.co.uk “ We presented investors with the opportunity to acquire an apartment in Paris with a 9 year rental guarantee, taxes paid by the government, 100% finance available and with a total investment requirement of £4,000! The response was unbelievable in this market.”
Mr Stones is seeing the types of investment available changing “The world of international property investing is changing. The sorts of deals available stack-up from every angle requiring low investment capital, they would have been unheard of a year ago”.
More positive news cam from Steve Hodgson, Managing Director AJ Property Europe Ltd www.AJpropertyeurope.co.uk we are still doing good business which has been helped by a recent marketing campaign concentrating on the Caribbean.
Another example of what is now available to overseas investors can be seen with properties for sale in Buffalo, New York State where investment homes start from as low as £7,333 see example here: Low Cost Investment property
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