Overseas Property Investors Buy Farmland in Argentina

  • 15 years ago
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Overseas property investors at the international real estate portal Homesgofast.com have been investing in a new type of investment in Argentina. The property website has been presenting Farmland to its investors who are seeking alternatives to traditional investments as a unique real estate opportunity.
SCS Farmland in northwest Argentina that provides a solid return on a worthwhile investment. Investors can invest as little as £12,000, or $16,000, in this project that will help to feed a growing world. SCS Farmland is based on a similar program called Greengold, and investors may choose to have their money in this project for 5 or 10 years before the management group re-purchases the land.
The land that for SCS Farmland is located in Santiago del Estero state in northern Argentina. The area is already well-known for farming and agriculture, so the land is a good investment for that purpose. SCS stands for Soy, Corn and Sunflowers, the primary crops that are grown in this program. Additionally, the land is being sold to investors below the market price so that a maximum return is possible.
Investors can choose to own their part of SCS Farmland for five or ten years. The annual returns and final payback on the property depends on which time frame is used. Five year investors will see smaller payouts, with a final return that is currently 66%, while ten year investors will see a return that is currently estimated to be 160% of the initial investment. To learn more about this type of investment go to Investment Land Plots Argentina

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