Overseas Property Cure For January Blues

  • 17 years ago
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The gloomy financial reports and the grey skies of the UK officially make January the lowest month in most Brits calendars. It also serves as reason for UK residents to seriously consider buying property abroad. Australia and New Zealand are now the top destinations for Brits leaving the UK
New research from Moneycorp, the foreign exchange specialist, reveals that nearly half (48 per cent) of the British population believe January to be the most depressing month of the year and 40 per cent would consider emigrating as a result of feeling depressed or anxious. 
According to the research, 47 per cent of Londoners are disillusioned with Britain and contemplate life abroad, compared with just 34 per cent of Scots.
And it seems the state of Britain, economically and politically, plays a significant role in the nation’s January blues.  Over a third (35 per cent) are dismayed by the state of the NHS, rising to almost half (45 per cent) of the over 55s. Unsurprisingly, the younger generation (18-24s) are less affected, with only one in five (20 per cent) citing this as a worry.
More than one in five (22 per cent) of the population are troubled by the apparent instability of interest rates, and for 18 per cent, the threat of the credit crunch and the uncertainty surrounding the housing market makes this January a nail-biting time. Interestingly, it appears Scots are the most positive when it comes to confidence in the housing market – just 12 per cent worry about prices. Londoners, however, bear the brunt of the anxiety with 21 per cent saying it depresses them.
Seasonal factors are also casting a cloud over the mood of our countrymen. Nearly two thirds are made miserable by the cold, wet, winter weather (61 per cent) and short, dark days (60 per cent). Stretched finances following the festive splurge plague a third (36 per cent) of people and one in 10 (9 per cent) lament the end of the party season.
And in typical British fashion, it’s the weather that seems to be luring people abroad. Of those who would emigrate, 87 per cent are enticed by better weather and a superior quality of living.  Many are attracted by the thought of slackening their purse strings: two thirds (68 per cent) are charmed by the thought of cheaper housing and more than half (55 per cent) are won over by the prospect of less financial pressure.
For Brits, its English-speaking countries that are proving most popular, making up four out of the five1 top emigration spots.  Australia is top of the pops, amassing 39 per cent of the total number of enquiries. New Zealand is second favourite with 15 per cent of enquiries; Canada (13 per cent) and the USA (9 per cent) fall into third and fourth place respectively; with Spain creeping onto the list at number five.
Nick Bull, Head of Marketing at Moneycorp, commented on the results: “This research provides real insight into the collective psyche of the British population at this time of year. It’s no great surprise that January is the most depressing month, but it’s interesting to see that people consider something as life changing as a move abroad as the answer to their woes, financial and otherwise. 
“Moneycorp can offer help to people looking to make an overseas move. By providing competitive exchange rates and options that allow clients to lock into favourable rates, customers can save thousands on their move overseas. Plus each client has a dedicated dealer to inform them every step of the way and to achieve the best possible rates on their behalf.”
Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics appear to support Moneycorp’s findings. In 2006, 400,0002 British residents left the country with the intention of staying away for at least a year, an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year’s estimate and the highest number ever recorded.
Kylie Barker, Marketing Manager for Working In, the company which organises the Opportunities Australia and New Zealand Expos, said: “Although Australia and New Zealand have always been a popular choice for migrants; we have seen a dramatic increase in visitor numbers to our job focused expos, from 10,000 in 2002 to over 40,000 in 2007. Our research has found that 91 per cent of visitor’s state lifestyle as the main reason for moving down under and 92 per cent attend the expo to gain employment before making the move.”

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