Overseas Property Company Growth In Difficult Market

  • 14 years ago
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Girasol Homes is defying the global trend in international real estate sales by announcing a new opportunity for property professionals to promote over 10,000 overseas properties. The portfolio includes properties in Spain, Portugal, USA, Cyprus and Turkey.

They seek to get partners from across Europe, Russia and worldwide.

The company outline a number of key benefits including:

  • Products that sell – well priced, discounted properties (many with high mortgage %) in the most popular and sought after locations. New properties everyday. All updated in live time.
  • Many 95-100% financed discounted property deals, ideal for investors.
  • Rental guarantee properties with guaranteed returns
  • Huge discounts on quality property daily.
  • Competitive commissions – successful partners will be generously rewarded
  • Unparalleled technological system to help you make that sale – the powerful online partner portal with automatic updating of properties being listed in real time (Over 10,000!), Email alerts and recommended property alerts for you as a partner.
  • They can help close the sale – their local, friendly & professional sales consultants specialise in closing your prospects.
  • Properties to suit any client – Girasol Homes have over 10,000 live properties available plus our client can “Property Find for you” 
Meanwhile Spain’s deficit is reported to be down sharply thanks to an unpopular cocktail of tax hikes and austerity cuts. The Finance Ministry said in a report that through the end of July, the central government’s deficit totalled 2.4 percent of gross domestic product, half of what it was for the same period of 2009. All good news for an slow Spanish property market
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