Overseas property and dodgy rental returns


The prospect of buying a property abroad that pays for itself from a rental income is one that many overseas property investors cannot resist. However are buyers being led into a false sense of security with exaggerated predictions of huge rental returns?

The November issue of the ‘A place in the Sun magazine’ offers advice to its readers concerning renting a holiday home. The overseas property magazine states that when buying to let it is essential to conduct some research on other rental properties in the area. By doing so buyers will gain realistic expectations of potential rental revenues.
Nicholas Marr CEO of Homesgofast.com comments that many buyers get lost in the dream to own an overseas property. They will accept at face value the rental returns quoted to them by real estate agents, it is important to remember that they have vested interest in selling you a property. Seeking independent verification of the rental returns will give you the confidence to buy your property and will help you plan your finances.
Interest in overseas property continues with property exhibitions becoming regular events. EM3 UK Ltd are aiming to attract serious investors to their property exhibition coming up on the 20th – 22nd October at the Barbican London UK. They have reportedly spent huge sums on advertising the event, targeting the business sector
Other UK overseas property exhibitions are planned by Homes overseas magazine. The property exhibitions take place in
Edinburgh at The Corn Exchange on the 7th and 8th October 06,
Manchester at G-Mex on 21st and 22nd October 06,
London at Excel on 27th-29th October 06
 Birmingham at the NEC on 17th-19th November 06

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