Overseas property agents helped by new packs

  • 17 years ago
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Agents and buyers interested in off-plan international real estate investment but worried about the financial situation and honesty of the developers will be helped by a new program. The International Developer Information Pack, or IDIP, can help protect both buyers and sellers of off-plan property by providing them with independent due diligence reports on the property and developers.
Anyone who works with overseas developers, not just the end purchaser, can benefit from this service. A network of lawyers around the globe will perform due diligence on developers and the development so that uncertainty and risk is reduced to a minimum. These lawyers are locally based and independent, so they know both local laws and languages. All member lawyers are carefully vetted to insure the highest quality and professionalism.
There are multiple levels of reports provided at varying costs, including a special report for agents. The agent reports will help protect agents and their customers against unscrupulous property developers. A full company report will be provided with information on the shareholders, state of the company and more. References and company documentation will also be provided and the lawyers will follow up on any missing information. More information on the IDIP is available at www.homesgofast.com/International_Developer_Information_Pack.php.
CEO Nicholas Marr of overseas property portal Homesgofast.com thinks this service will help overseas investors. “I am very excited about offering this product to our investors. For the first time buyers can conduct, with confidence, checks on developers before they part with their hard earned money.”
This service will provide benefits for agents as well as buyers. Marr notes that “Many agents take on developers and market their products with minimal due diligence. Agents can now feel more confident about who they are representing by taking out an International Developer Information Pack.”

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