Overseas investors told to plan

Overseas investors are being urged to properly plan their property purchases to gain maximum returns.

Ray Woods, a property guru, told potential investors to look at more than just the initial asking price but the long term future prospects of the investment.

“We always recommend to potential clients that they begin their planning by drawing up their own criteria,” said Mr Woods of maltabuyproperty.co.uk.

“For example, language barriers, local or regional government planning considerations, sound property rights, resale opportunities, climatic and geophysical concerns – and of course, political stability should all be taken into account at the outset.”

His urging comes as Britons face increased competition for overseas properties from Scandinavia, Germany and even Eastern European countries.

Mr Woods said that without proper research and planning for an overseas home, a “dream can become a nightmare”.

However, if planned well then investors can buy the right property to give them long-term stable returns.

Those interested in investing in overseas property can find further information at <A href=”https://www.homesgofast.com/Property-investments.php”>homesgofast.com.</A>

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