Osbournes & Aguilera In Luxury Beverly Hills Sale

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Celebrity real estate stories with names such as Christina Aguilera and Sharon and Ozzy Osborne are bound to attract attention and that is exactly what is happening in California as one huge Beverly Hill mansion is put on the market.


Reports suggest that Christina María Aguilera (born December 18, 1980) famed for her hit albums and acting roles is on the move having lived in her Californian home since 2008. The house was bought to fame having appeared in The Osbourne’s and formerly owned by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.


Aguilera luxury US property is described as 8,900 square foot Beverly Hills mansion and is being sold for a cool $13.5 million. The gated property has 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, extensive landscaping and elaborately decorated rooms


The twist in the sale is that former owners Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were seen visiting their old pad accompanied by a local real estate agent.


The couple bought the house in 1999 for $3.9 million the home made the Osborne’s a substantial profit selling at $11 million.


At the time of sale Ozzy declared, “I don’t want to stay in that house any more… The house holds bad memories for me because it reminds me of the terrible time Sharon got cancer and of times when me and the kids were doped out of our minds.”


The house, officially owned by the Brat Pack Family Trust, has actually been shopped around privately for the last few months, according to reports,


But the market for mansions in Beverly Hills is depressed along with the rest of Southern California real estate.


The celebrity gossip website X17online state “Considering that Christina’s career has taken a hit (her national anthem flub, her box office disappointments) not to mention her personal life has hit a snag, could the mansion be cursed? And if so, why would Sharon want it back”



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