One Direction in Publicity Stunt Re Haunted Home?

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Since their appearance on the X-Factor in 2010, One Direction have
become one of the world’s most popular boy bands.  Now, it has been revealed that one of the band’s luxury home
may be haunted by the ghost of legendary highwayman Dick Turpin. I cant help but think this is a publicity stunt to keep the young lads in the headlines.

Harry Styles recently bought a £3
million mansion in an exclusive area of North London.  However, the teen star may have to share his property with a
ghost, as we see next.

Dick Turpin haunts Harry Styles’ home

The One Direction singer is
expected to move into his luxury 2,300 square foot home soon.  However, according to The Sun, he might be sharing the space
with the ghost of Dick, which has reportedly been seen inside the house.

Richard Turpin was an English
highwayman who was executed in York for horse theft.  Styles’ new home backs on to a pub where the outlaw and his
gang used to congregate back in the 1700s.

A source told the newspaper: “The
ghost of Turpin has been spotted in the window – and according to legend you
can hear the sounds of his horse hooves.

“Locals say he used to hide in
the courtyard next to the pub waiting for his victims to come down the road
before robbing them.”

The 18-year-old singer has
reportedly purchased the house so he could be close to his close pal, Radio 1
breakfast show presented Nick Grimshaw, who lives nearby.

The impressive stucco-fronted
house features a large rear south-west facing garden, already equipped with
Ibiza-style loungers.  It boasts
four spacious bedrooms, three bathrooms and three reception rooms as well as
four off-road parking spaces and a double car lift.

At just 18 the singer and his
band are worth an estimated £100 million. 
Their new single Live While You’re
is already in the charts and their second album is out in November.

Umm new single and a seemingly haunted house seems to be a connection or am i being a slight bit cynical?

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