Office Acquisitions Popular in Moscow

  • 15 years ago
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Office acquisitions have become an increasingly popular business investment in Moscow, particularly as the world wide economic crisis has driven prices for these properties down. A recent report from property advisors Jones Lang LaSalle indicates that the market for offices in Russia’s capital city has grown this year, and will continue to be strong in the future.
Vladimir Pantyushin is the Head of Economic and Strategic Research for Jones Lang LaSalle and he noted that “Recent price corrections on the office market made the acquisition market attractive again. The ongoing recovery of market activity serves as a confirmation of renewed interest from clients. At the same time, the selection of assets has improved significantly.”
While office rentals are typically more popular for many developed markets, there are certain situations that make the acquisition market popular. Moscow is now one of those markets, and the report predicts that there will be increased activity in this sector in the coming months. The advantages of purchase include the ability to use office as collateral for future growth, removing leasing risk, complete control of the property, prestige and exclusivity, among others. And with the market where it is now, these purchases are often a very good investment financially.

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