Nova Scotia Tipped as New Property Hotspot

  • 16 years ago
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The Canadian province of Nova Scotia, which sits on the eastern seacoast of the country, is becoming a hot new area for international real estate investors, according to several news sources. Canada has been relatively unaffected by the credit crunch and slumping economy of the US and other nations, and this part of the country has plenty to offer visitors and property investors.
The Canadian Tourism Commission shows that, from 2006 to 2007, the number of visitors to Nova Scotia increased by 40%. The Commission predicts that there will be another increase for 2008, although its latest report indicates that higher petrol prices are slowing that growth.
Nova Scotia is a four-season destination, with much to offer those who like outdoor activities. Situated on a peninsula from mainland Canada off New Brunswick and including Cape Breton Island on the northern shore, the province has plenty of waterside property for those who like beautiful views of the ocean. There are also all of the activities that go along with living along the coast, such sailing, fishing and even whale watching, plus lots of golf to keep you busy all the time.
Recently, Nova Scotia was ranked as the 4th best island in the world to live by Conde Naste and 10th best by Travel and Leisure (though technically not an all of the province is an island, it is pretty close so it was included). With so much going for it, it is no wonder that this Canadian destination is becoming a property hotspot.
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