Northern Ireland Take Action Over Turkish Property Scam

  • 15 years ago
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The long arm of the law has stretched from Turkey to Northern Ireland and has resulted in Ulster based suspect Mr Kevin O’Kane facing charges for a Turkish property scam. The suspect had fled Turkey and the Turkish Police whilst he was still under investigation for the alleged crime. His passport was seized by the Turkish authorities and he was ordered not to leave the country, but in June 2007 he fled back to Northern Ireland,
Kevin O’Kane, was one of three people interviewed by the Turkish police in May 2007, denied any involvement and claimed he had personally lost £250,000. Property investors each paid £75,000 for what they thought were three-bedroom homes at Golden Beach Villas in the resort of Bodrum. In fact all they purchased were fake deeds.
25 investors from Northern Ireland later gave evidence at the trial of two Turkish nationals said to be involved in the alleged scam. They then led a civil action through the Northern Ireland courts which resulted in Mr Kane’s assets – including an extensive property portfolio and a fuel business – being frozen.

One of the victims Mr John Moore who had lost in the region of £75,000 insisted that justice must be done in the case. “I am pleased at the way the police have progressed the matter,” he said. “A lot of people in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland have lost money.

“We want to see recompense for our financial hardship. I want to see those who are responsible brought before the court and that we ultimately get our money back.”
A year ago, the PSNI received a request from the Turkish authorities for Mr O’Kane to be arrested and extradited, but it failed when it emerged that the request had no legal status in Northern Ireland.
The PSNI has recommended a range of charges against Kevin O’Kane, including money laundering and obtaining property by deception. has been helping people sell find or buy overseas property since 2005 see our marketing package here

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