North Coast of Crete Offers a Holiday Paradise

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A stretch of coastline along the north coast of Crete is a beautiful area for holiday travelers and international property investors. East of Rethymno there are several wonderful beaches and resorts that are not nearly as crowded as some of the other boomtowns along the north coast of Crete. The resort town of Stavromenos is a small, but popular place to find a home or settle on a quiet beach, while to the east is the collection of three coves that make up Bali.
Bali, about 20 kilometers to the east of Rethymno, is set along a curving, hilly point of land that makes for spectacular views of the sea and islands. The mountains rise in the background and the village is situated around three small coves. The most popular of the coves is Paradise Beach, which is the best one for swimming, but the other two are pretty and have tavernas and a small harbor.
A bit to the west of Bali is the small resort town of Stavromenos, which is approximately 12 kilometers from Rethymno and 65 kilometers from Heraklion Airport. This town looks out over the bay and offers some wonderful views of the Mediterranean as well as the surrounding parts of Crete.
Both of these towns offer some great properties for those who want a holiday home or retirement investment. There are apartments and villas available for those who are looking for their own little slice of paradise.
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