Nicaragua Real Estate the Next Costa Rica

  • 16 years ago
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For years, the Central American country of Costa Rica has been the place for international real estate investors. With its low cost of living, reasonable property prices and Caribbean coastline, it has much to offer. Now that the market in Costa Rica has matured, other Central American countries are becoming targets for international investors. Nicaragua, just to the north of Costa Rica, is a great location for those who want a great deal. It has been touted in numerous publications as the next great destination in this part of the world, including the Financial Times, Newsweek and the Chicago Tribune, among others.
The west coast of Nicaragua just north of the border with Costa Rica has some of the best beachfront property available anywhere for amazing prices. San Juan del Sur and Tola are two towns that have been touted as having the Golden Coastline of Nicaragua. In the past several years, these nearly 100 kilometers of coastline have seen over 60 developments, from small properties to more luxurious ones.
One of the most unique developments anywhere is Balcones de Majagual, just north of San Juan del Sur. This eco-friendly development has received much attention for its very progressive and stylish architecture, designed and built by Matthew Falkiner. With access to three beaches and over 250 acres of lush forest and ocean views Balcones is sure to become of the best known tourist destinations in Nicaragua and Central America.
This green development has both homes and a hotel and destination resort in the works. The first eco-houses have already been constructed and there are more on the way. Both completed homes and property are available for purchase here, and the resort has plenty of pristine sandy beaches for residents to enjoy. Currently, these homes are priced beginning at $235,000.
Other developments under way along this golden coastline include Cala Azul, El Encanto and Marlin Villas. These properties all have individual houses, villas and townhomes available for the interested investor. Nicaragua has quite a bit to offer, and now is a great time to get into this newly developing area.

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