Nicaragua investment property is it a bridge too far?

Overseas property web site is now listing properties from Nicaragua! Is this a bridge to far for those looking for property abroad?
Many people will know Nicaragua as a place of war and tension and not as an overseas property hot spot. It is true that Nicaragua is probably best known for its lengthy war in which a popular uprising was suppressed by a US-backed government.  It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee the news is that Nicaragua investment property is on the map and attracting foreigner property investors from locations world wide. Nicaragua is developing with large hotels, Holiday Inn, Raddison, Hampton Inn and many other large business chains. Cruise ships packed with tourists are now docking regularly in the beach town of San Juan del Sur. On closer research investors can see that the region is bending over backwards to invite inward investment offering free market reforms  attractive tourism-incentive laws, in fact any tourist business attracts some great government backed incentives.
Where is Nicaragua
Nicaragua is a democratic republic in Central America. The country is bordered on the north by Honduras and on the south by Costa Rica. Its western coastline is on the Pacific Ocean, while the east side of the country is on the Caribbean Sea.
Property investors and emerging markets
CEO of Nicholas Marr ‘We are proud to present properties from regions that are new to overseas property investors. We have been offering off plan investment property in Beirut Lebanon for example and Nicaragua serves to further excite those investors that can foresee profits in their sites. Property investors know that your profits are made on the purchase these regions offer exceptional pricing. Our experience shows that the more exotic regions attract Irish property investors and I think Nicaragua will be the same. Seasoned Irish overseas property investors seem to be prepared to go that extra mile for investment opportunities.’
Coldwell Banker in Nicaragua
Coldwell Banker Nicaragua Real Estate has helped hundreds of investors discover opportunities for profit in this Central American frontier. With two offices located in colonial Granada and on the beach at San Juan del Sur, Coldwell Banker Nicaragua state that they can ensure the “insider access” that only a local staff can provide. The global real estate company offer real estate tours to the region.

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Nicaragua politics today
Left-wing Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega made his political comeback in the November 2006 elections. The president-elect, who led Nicaragua through revolution and a civil war before being voted out in 1990, is expected to take office in January 2007. The US government state that it will work with him if he shows a commitment to Nicaragua’s democratic future. The president is likely to maintain close ties with fellow socialist leaders in the region, particularly Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro
Nicaragua Tourism
The official tourist site is at and boasts countless reasons why people should visit the regions citing warm friendly people, dozens of spectacular volcanoes, enormous lakes, lagoons, rivers, impressive selection of plant and animal species, colonial towns, archaeological treasures, natural wonders, and delicious traditional cuisine.
Nicaragua property is so cheap
Buyers in search for an ocean view prices are still unbelievably low
Selection of property from Nicaragua
Quick facts about Nicaragua
Full Name: Republic of Nicaragua
Capital City: Managua
Area: 129,494 sq km, 49,998 sq miles
Population: 5,570,000 
Languages: Spanish (official), English (other)
Currency: Córdoba (C)
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