New Zealand Housing Market Attracting Overseas Investors

  • 15 years ago
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Property investment in New Zealand is gaining a new lease of life as overseas investment increases with the help of internet-based organisations. A leading online agency New Zealand Property Solutions reports that international property investors are attracted to the lower priced property coupled with high rental returns and capital growth.  
With the recent turbulence faced by the global economy, New Zealand property has fared relatively well when compared to various overseas property markets.  New Zealand has a number of fundamentals which mean that it has not experienced the massive decrease in property values seen overseas.  In fact, its market is already exhibiting strong signs of stabilising; with four consecutive months of value increases to September 2009 and sales volumes up.  Behind this increased market activity is the recent loosening of monetary policy by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand which has caused a substantial decrease in interest rates
New Zealand Property Solutions has been attracting overseas property investors to its portfolio of New Zealand properties offering a unique combination of services enabling investors to enter the New Zealand property market.  Their investment advisory service is complimented by an administration service; assisting investors throughout the entire buying and holding process.  This distinctive approach helps overseas investors take advantage of New Zealand’s strong investment fundamentals.
Rudimentary to New Zealand’s stable property market is the overall shortage in supply of residential dwellings.  Activity in New Zealand’s property construction sector is well down and judging from building consent number statistics, this will not be rectified in the near future.  Fuelling this shortage in supply is the upswing in migration numbers which New Zealand is currently experiencing.  This increasing demand offset by a shortage of supply means that prospects for New Zealand’s property market are looking up. asked Kat Geeves, Senior Property Consultant, at New Zealand Property Solutions how they saw the New Zealand housing market at this time “The property market is really picking up again with very strong forecasts for the next few years and we seem to be attracting more buyers from abroad”
Kat Geeves went on to explain “Our clients are predominantly overseas residents from every corner of the globe with the majority being from UK, Australia, Asia and USA.  They range from people looking to immigrate to pure investors who realize the potential for New Zealand’s relatively untapped market.”
To view current opportunities in the New Zealand property market or to find out more about New Zealand Property Solutions and how they can assist you with your property investment portfolio, visit  Their new-look, updated website now incorporates even more great features and when you register to view their online property portfolio you will go in the draw to win one of 12 cases of New Zealand wine, delivered to your door!

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