New Zealand Couple Are Selling Their Home in Ecuador Via an Ingenious $29 Raffle Draw


You may have heard about raffle draws for cars or Spa treats, or even a holiday getaway, but have you come across a raffle draw to buy your dream home? Probably not. Former farmer, Doug Greensheilds and his wife Rebecca went about their property sale in an atypical manner, but then they are not your typical couple.

Having spent the last decade managing a tourist guesthouse in Ecuador, Doug and Rebecca have decided to sell the idyllic home/resort. The couple, from central Victoria, bought La Casa Verde (The Green House) back when they were backpacking years ago in South America.

At the time, it was just a large empty property that cost them nearly all their savings. Today, they have transformed it into a beautiful eco-friendly lodge. Last month, they put it on the market in a way uncharacteristic of traditional real estate agents.

To promote his e-book, Doug and Rebecca have listed their property for $29- the cost of his new book. Interested buyers were to buy the book in order to be eligible for the draw. The giveaway has attracted a number of participants who are keen on a chance to own the guesthouse.

The couple admitted their love for doing things differently. Doug and Rebecca say they came up with the idea of raffling from the large number of guests who said they loved the guesthouse and were interested in doing something similar. The couple’s target is to reach 35,000-  and the place is up for a lucky buyer.

La Casa Verde is a slice of paradise near the Pastaza River at Banos. It is arguably halfway between the Andes mountains and the Amazon rainforest. Potential hotel owners who dream of winning a hotel in Ecuador for just $29 can look up La Casa Verde, Ecuador for more details. 

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