New York City Property A New Design

  • 17 years ago
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A new luxury 11-story condominium in New York City is currently being planned and designed by noted Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. This new project is on West 19th Street in what is called the West Chelsea section of Manhattan. This ultra-exclusive building has only eight units in it, with a 1,949 square foot condominium going for $4.1 million USD.
The building gets its name from the retractable metal shutters and large windows of the units. These shutters allow each unit in the building to be fully open to the sky and air, depending on the weather. The shutters and windows both retract, allowing for open air access any time the weather permits. The shutters disappear completely as they retract into the walls, so the view is completely unimpeded.
Amenities at the Metal Shutter Houses include 20-foot ceilings, staircases with glass banisters, radiant heat from the flooring and Corian bathrooms. It is a clean, smooth and high-tech space which will appeal to those who like such touches.
The building on West 19th is near Union Square next to a new building designed by Frank Gehry, the IAC headquarters. Units have multiple outdoor spaces as well as all the normal indoor space. A 1,900 square foot unit has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and three outdoor spaces. A 4,600 square foot unit has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a library, dining room and five private outdoor spaces.
For those who want to live in the city and still have the outdoors available, this is a great option – if you can afford it.
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