New To Central America Home Buying Vacations

  • 17 years ago
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Central and South America are increasingly popular locations for second homes, with good prices, plenty to do and warm weather in abundance. With the rise in second homes has come a new business – the home-buying vacation. Vacation and tour operators have realized there’s a big opportunity for those who want to search for a second home, but don’t want all the hassle of doing everything on their own. The New York Times recently ran an article spotlighting these tours.
These trips are combined vacations and real estate primers, and they not only show off potential areas and properties but also take the buyer through the legal and financial particulars of buying in certain countries. That doesn’t necessarily negate the need for getting legal advice when actually buying, but it does make the process a whole lot less complicated to someone who hasn’t been there before.
International Living is an Irish company that runs seminars on the basics of overseas home buying for potential investors. As a result of the interest in overseas property, the company created its own tour business, Pathfinder. Pathfinder leads tours to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Camilla Sands, a long-time tour operator to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico’s Sierra Madres, says her Real Estate Curious Tour is one of the most popular trips. Guests learn about healthcare, insurance and meet with architects and designers. Other companies lead potential buyers to the Yucatan in Mexico, Roatan Island off of Honduras and the Dominican Republic.
As real estate in these countries continue to be popular choices for those looking for a second home or retirement villa, these home-hunting tours will only increase in popularity. They are a great way to see the country and learn about the buying process.
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