New Taxis on Cairo’s Streets

  • 15 years ago
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When US President Barack Obama visits Cairo this week one thing that he may see are many new, white taxis on the streets. The popular US president will visit Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at AbdeenPalace and then give a speech at CairoUniversity. While being ferried about town in his motorcade, he may spot some of the new taxis that are now being phased in across the city.


A taxi replacement program was recently introduced to help get rid of older, pollution-emitting vehicles and give the streets a newer, more modern look. The new taxis are just one part of a government-sponsored program aimed to get older vehicles off the streets and help clean the air around Cairo.


The new taxi program, launched in April, 2009, gives drivers the option of five different models: Lada, Speranza, Peugeot, Hyandai Verna and Chevrolet Lanos. Each of these models is made in Egypt and is fuel efficient, spacious and durable. The government is working with banks to help finance the taxi drivers’ purchases of the new models.


President Obama won’t get a chance to ride in one of the new white taxis, but visitors and residents of Cairo will certainly enjoy the change.


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