New Rule for Turks and Caicos

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Following a Royal Commission of Inquiry led by a retired judge from London, the British government will take direct control of one of the last colonies, Turks and Caicos. The Caribbean islands are a popular tourist and holiday destination and a favorite of celebrities and stars. A year-long investigation has found “the high probability of systemic corruption and other serious dishonesty.” Gordon Wetherell is to be the new British Governor.


Governor Wetherell is set to take direct control of the islands, which have been run by Premier Michael Misick in recent years. The report from Sir Robin Auld, a retired judge, noted that the Premier had been transformed during his tenure from a local real estate agent to an extremely wealthy islander during his five years in charge of the government. Sir Robin heard evidence that large amounts of land had allegedly been stolen by Mr. Misick and his ministers. The land was passed to developers in exchange for millions of dollars of loans which don’t appear to require repayment as well as partnerships in some of the developments.


Land on the islands is, for the most part, publicly owned by the Queen through a series of Crown Leases. Mr. Misick resigned in March after the report was released, and the new governor is set to take over as soon as the Order in Council is enforced. Governor Wetherell has the power to suspend the local constitution and institute trial by a panel of British judges.


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