New Online Auction for Florida Homes

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13/10/08 London- An auction of prime Florida property is taking place on Saturday 8 November at 3PM UK time. Unlike other property auctions this one is taking place online and is set to save bidders thousands in travel expenses and in the price they pay for a home.
There are currently over 18 properties that will be auctioned off with original asking prices from the low $600,000s to $2.5 million. These homes are located at three distinctive Ginn Resorts near Orlando and on the Atlantic coast. Reunion Resort is located in the town of Reunion, just outside of Orlando; Bella Collina Golf Club, which is in Montverde just minutes to the west of Orlando; and Hammock Beach Resort is situated on the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Coast, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.
One of the most cost effective ways to purchase property is to buy through auction, where you can get great deals far below what you would ordinarily pay. And now, with auctions taking place online, you don’t even have to be present to buy your dream home. For those who are interested in having a holiday or retirement home in sunny Florida,
This auction is being held by Stirling Sotheby’s International at the Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Orlando. These properties will be sold to the highest bidder, with no minimum sales price and no reserve. In conjunction with Sotheby’s, British Homes Group will have an online seminar, or webinar, on Tuesday 21 October at 7PM UK time to lead potential bidders and buyers through the process. Participants may bid online or in person.
To find out more details about what is on offer and to register for online seminar got to
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