New ITV Drama Accidently Boosts Property Website

  • 14 years ago
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One of The UK’s longest standing private house sales websites is benefitting from a soon to be aired ITV drama “The Little House”. The surprising link comes from the fact that advertising by ITV has caused a flurry of search traffic arriving at The Little House Company website from users of the Google search engine.
Company director at the private house sales website Nick Marr “The Little House Company has been online since 2000 and we help people sell and buy property without using a traditional estate agent. The boost in accidental traffic has come from terms relating to the ITV drama, it seems ITV have a real winner on thier hands as more and more people seek to find information about the drama arriving at our wesbite. We have provided visitors with more information about the series including a teaser video” 
The thriller explores the psychological power struggles within one family. BAFTA winning actress Francesca Annis (Cranford, Jane Eyre, Reckless) has been cast to star in the drama alongside renowned film, stage and television actors Tim Pigott-Smith (Alice in Wonderland, ENRON, Foyle’s War) and Rupert Evans (Emma, The Palace, Hellboy) and rising star Lucy Griffiths (Collision, Robin Hood, U Be Dead).
The Little House is described as compelling two-part thriller exploring the psychological power struggles within one family and the lengths an obsessive mother will go to keep control of her son.  Adapted for television by Ed Whitmore, the drama stars BAFTA-winning actress Francesca Annis, alongside Tim Pigott-Smith, Rupert Evans and Lucy Griffiths.
The Little House was been commissioned by ITV Drama Commissioners, Laura Mackie and Sally Haynes.
“The Little House is a creepy and compelling tale of the power struggles within one family.   Ed’s script brilliantly captures the claustrophobia and tension in Philippa’s novel and constantly plays with your perceptions of the two central women. It’s an atmospheric and chilling drama,” said Laura. 

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