New Hampshire homes a hit with Brits

More people from the UK are looking to buy US property on the strength of the pound-to-dollar exchange rate, but many are looking further than the obvious choice that is Florida

New Hampshire-based Badger Realty explains that while travelling to Florida from London can take up to 11 hours, a flight to New England takes around half as long, making it an attractive overseas property investment opportunity.

Pete Pietz, one of Badger’s specialists in helping international buyers to find US property, said the company had seen a significant increase in demand from the UK, including “condominiums, homes, rental properties and businesses”.

North Conway in New Hampshire is particularly popular with people looking for a holiday home, offering the spectacular White Mountains located on the border with the state of Maine and the 800,000-acre White Mountain National Forest within easy access of most of the region’s towns.

Nature lovers will relish the opportunity of spotting a moose, bear or bald eagle, while the unique outdoor terrain provides a plethora of sporting opportunities, including ice climbing and snowmobiles at one of 14 ski and snowboard facilities in winter.

Mr Pietz also said that the internet could be a useful tool for a search of overseas property, quickly whittling down a list of possibilities to arrive at the perfect home.

“Often people fly in to view properties and within a few days put a property under agreement,” he said.

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