New Dive Center Opens in Zadar Croatia

  • 16 years ago
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Kristijan Curavic Kike, one of the world’s best free divers, has opened his latest dive center in the town of Zadar along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. The Curavic Diving Academy in Zadar is the fifth such center the diver has opened and is the largest scuba diving center in Croatia. Curavic is also planning to open another center in Novi Vinodolski.
Curavic is working to make Croatians more aware of their environment, and this dive center is one way of doing it. The purpose of the academy is to offer dive lessons as well as popularize the sport as a way to understand the ecology and environment of Croatia, the Adriatic Sea and the world.
Zadar is an ideal place for such a project, as it is in the midst of Dalmatia and has plenty of outdoor activities, not to mention a burgeoning social scene. The town is a perfect jumping off place to explore some of the best national parks in this part of the country. Krka National Park and Plitvice Jezera are well known for their cascading waterfalls and abundant wildlife, and Kornati National Park, on Kornati Island, offers secluded bays, private islands and natural beauty interrupted only by small fishing huts.
In recent years the town has undergone a major revival, with many new cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. A great place to enjoy Zadar at night is on the southwestern edge of town and the Mihovila Pavlinovica where a group of small streets comes alive. Enjoy the days and nights of this emerging Croatian town.
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