New Cape Verde Road

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The new Orgãos-Pedra Badejo was recently opened to traffic on Santiago Island, Cape Verde. The road was completed under a compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a US-government sponsored corporation. The new road is one part of MCC’s $110 million five year compact with Cape Verde to stimulate economic growth. The newly opened stretch of road is 10 kilometers long.


I congratulate the citizens and government of Cape Verde on achieving this important milestone,” said Rodney Bent, MCC Acting Chief Executive Officer.  “This road reflects the friendship between the United States and Cape Verde, and a shared commitment to creating greater opportunities for economic growth and prosperity.”


The new road is one of several that are being completed with the MCC. It has a state of the art drainage system and meets very high safety standards. It is estimated that some 12,500 people and families will be directly served by the road, which is on the same island as the capital city of Praia. Two other roads that should be opened in the near future are the Assomada-Rincão and Cruz Grande-Calhetona roads, both on Santiago. Several other roads on the island are being renovated as well.


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