New airport boost for property in Thailand

  • 12 years ago
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Reaching your investment property
in Thailand could become easier over the next few years.  Plans for a brand new state run airport
on Koh Samui are being considered by the Thai Transport Ministry as an alternative
to the existing privately run facility.

The move aims to end the airport
monopoly on the island and would provide a boost to the local economy and
property market.  If you’re
thinking of buying property in Thailand, this new airport could increase tourism
and therefore rental potential.  It
may also make it easier for you to reach your overseas home.  Keep reading to learn more.

Existing airport’s facilities too limited to cope with tourist demand

The existing Samui airport is not
ready for expansion due to its close proximity to residential areas and has
received complaints about its high airport fees.  There are also limits in place to the number of flights to
control noise pollution.

Transport Minister Jarupong
Ruangsuwan said the new airport construction plan is aimed at promoting price
competition and ending the monopoly on the airport service in the resort
island.  Increasing tourist numbers
are also putting intense pressure on the limited airport facilities.

Samui Airport is privately owned
and operated by Bangkok Airways who operate most flights to and from the island
are operated by Bangkok Airways. Thai Airways international began flights to
Samui in February 2008.

A source at the Department of Civil
Aviation said that there were both supporters and opponents of the
project.  A new airport would end
the monopoly and help drive the region’s tourism levels and local economy.  However, opponents of the scheme are
concerned that temples and communities close to the airport would be affected
by noise pollution.

Nick Marr, director of international real estate portal said: “A new airport on Koh Samui would
certainly provide a boost to the local property market.  Making it easier to reach the island
would attract foreign buyers looking for a sound overseas investment.”

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