Namibia is a Popular Destination

  • 15 years ago
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The country of Namibia along the southern Atlantic coast of Africa has become an increasingly popular destination for both travelers and expats looking for a new home. The former colony called German Southwest Africa, then controlled by South Africa, is now a thriving country in its own right. Many holiday hotspots turn into international real estate havens and overseas property investors could well turn their attention to the region. 
There are plenty of German roots in Namibia and it has become a popular destination for Germans travelers and expats. The sparsely populated country, which has been independent since 1990, has plenty of wildlife despite the fact that much of it is desert and sand. It is becoming, like many of its popular neighbors, well-known as a wildlife and safari haven. Treks and safaris are growing and there is plenty of room for people in the midst of the springboks, kudus, oryx and other animals.
There are a number of working farms that also take in guests and travelers, and many of these are owned or operated by Germans. The quiet country provides an ideal place to settle down or visit for a holiday, and the heritage is particularly attractive to people from Europe.
In the north of the country is Estosha Park, which is among the most species-rich reserves in all of Africa. Another favorite for travelers is the coastal resort of Walvis Bay. Nearby is the town of Swakopmund, which was an important port through which many Germans travelled in the past. Today, the town is a wonderful place for great food and several traditional breweries. Travelers who want something different and a bit of old Europe will certainly enjoy this part of Africa.

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