Nakeel & Busch Theme Park Venture Dubai

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3//03/2008-Nakeel in conjunction with Busch Entertainment Corporation, have revealed their plans of developing, ‘Worlds of Discovery’ which is four theme parks. Busch Entertainment is the family entertainment division of the Anheuser-Busch Company, who are based in Orlando, USA and operate around ten such ‘Worlds of discovery’ parks in various locations in the US.
The four themed parks namely, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Discovery Cove and Aquatica will be constructed on one of the islands of the palm-shaped islands owned by Nakeel. Busch Gardens – will feature various animals, all provided by BEC. Sea World will be much akin to Sea World in Orlando. Discovery Cove, promises to have unique experiences for all such as sharing swimming space with dolphins and other exotic fish. And Aquatica, will not be just another waterpark.
While construction of these parks will be done in phases, the year 2012, will see the unveiling of the first phase of this awesome project. In addition to these four parks, there are many other tourist attractions for the family which are included in this project. Restaurants, hotels, spas, resorts and shops of various kinds will be part of the attractions to entice tourists further.
The past few years, have seen Dubai risen as a top tourist destination of the world. People from all different continents have been flocking to Dubai, because it has something to offer to people from all different walks of life. If your looking for top-notch entertainment or Hotels par excellence, or maybe some hot property, Dubai is the place to be!
With Nakeel and BEC revealing it’s plans of, its star attraction, the Worlds of Discovery on The Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai seems to be keeping up it’s lure of attracting people in the up coming future as well.
Being the first of the Worlds of Discovery that will be located outside of the US, the world sure looks forward to this world class entertainment.

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