Mystery Fire & Millionaires Overseas Properties

  • 16 years ago
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The British millionaire businessman Christopher Foster who still remains missing along with his wife and daughter after their house burned down in Shropshire England owned a portfolio of overseas properties located all over Europe. The mystery of the debt-ridden millionaire and his family still continues after two bodies were found by police officers searching the in the house today.
The fire which took place at £1.5 million Osbaston House in Maesbrook, Shropshire, on Tuesday. It has been reported that Foster owed suppliers £1mn and £800,000 to the taxman and a liquidation company had put a legal block on him selling his house.

Speculation continues with the UK press announcing that his daughter appeared to be online on the internet at the time of the fire. A business associate Mr Leo Dennis said: “I don’t think he’s dead. He’s not dead. He’s got places he can go to, places scattered around Europe. These are properties nobody knows about.”
Police said they are pursuing “every possible line of inquiry” to find out what happened to the family.  Police say speculation about the family is “unhelpful” and has upset their friends and relatives. Nearly 100 officers and support staff are working on the incident. Superintendent Gary Higgins ‘There is extensive debris at the site and it will take some days, possibly several weeks, to complete this part of the investigation’ Meanwhile officers are developing profiles on each family member and detectives have spoken to friends and relatives and alerted ports and airports.

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