Mountain Dwellings in Copenhagen

  • 15 years ago
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A uniquely-designed collection of 80 terraced apartments in Copenhagen, Denmark takes its inspiration from Mt.Everest, according to the architects. Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group has designed the apartment complex on top of a parking garage. The design uses the garage as a “mountain of cars,” according to Bjarke Ingels, the designer.


The apartment complex is named, appropriately, Mountain Dwellings and has earned a number of design awards. The individual units range in price from 2.5 million kroner to 7.5 million kroner, have large gardens and modern, open layouts.


The garage is not only the foundation for the mountainous apartments, but it serves as a specially-designed space not usually reserved for a parking area. Two sides of the garage have a perforated aluminum façade that form an image of Mt.Everest and let plenty of sunlight into the space. There is also a diagonal elevator and a rock climbing wall.

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