Most attractive reasons for buying French property revealed

A new survey has revealed the reason behind the popularity of French property among overseas property investors in the UK.

The poll, conducted by French property specialists Creme de Languedoc, found that one of the main, and most obvious, attractions was the country’s climate.

This was joined in the top three reasons by the potential to spend more time outdoors and a nice range of quality yet inexpensive wine.

Respondents to the survey also referred to the style of life that is on offer in France, as it has a slower pace of living and involves less stress than in the UK as well as being safer, Overseas Property Professional magazine reports.

The personal, communal element to the nation was also mentioned as a positive aspect, as children were said to be more respectful than in the UK and communities stronger and more unified.

Cities in France were also described as less commercial, with fewer chain stores and big brands, and it was also claimed that food across the English Channel is of a better quality and more natural.

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