Morocco Visits on the Rise

  • 16 years ago
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The northern African country of Morocco is booming for visitors and home buyers. This land of sun and sea has attracted many of the rich and famous in recent years, and now the country is focused on attracting tourists in larger numbers. Sting, Mick Jagger, Princess Alexandra, David Bowie, Vanessa Branson, and Alain Delon, among others, have been buying their own coastal homes and palatial houses around Marrakech for years. In recent years, though, the country has invested millions of dollars into its tourism and resort industry and the investment is paying off. According to recent statistics released by the Moroccan of Tourism and reported in the Mena Report, the number of foreigners visiting Morocco in 2007 rose 13% to a record 7.4 million.
With 2.9 million visitors, French tourists led the way and have usually been the highest in the past, with visitors from Spain coming in a 1.6 million. Tourists from the UK increased the greatest amount for the year, growing 29% for 419,000 visits.
One reason for the increased tourism to the country is the government’s development and investment in resort destinations along the coastal areas. Northern Europeans love the warm weather, sun and sandy beaches, and the country is taking advantage of its location. The government has initiated a number of new resort developments as part of its Azur Plan to attract 10 million tourists by 2010.
One of these resort destinations is Saidia, which is set to become a major tourist destination for Europeans and Africans alike. Located on the Mediterranean coast near the border with Algeria, this luxury destination is set to open its first phase in mid 2008. Three new golf courses, six luxury hotels, 22 plots of land for villas and residential developments and a spectacular marina will all be a part of the Saidia resort.
Saidia is just one of six new resort destinations that are part of the country’s plan to increase tourism. The other resorts are Lixus (Larache), El Haouzia (El Jadida), Mogador (Essaouira), Taghazout (Agadir) and Plage blanche (Sidi Ifni). Set for completion by 2010, these destinations will have hotels, villas, golf courses, restaurants, conference centers, sporting venues and plenty of shopping.

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