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1e8dcb8a38c99356ea9320a28f48f1bb63780ffcf46f66a8fb4bfe7369611e40 report positive news for the Moroccan city of Marrakech which has seen an increase in tourism we also report news of a green real estate project which is set to change hundreds of Mosques.

Tourists number increases to Marrakech come from visitors from the UK, Middle East  and the USA. Visitors use the hundreds of riads throughout the Medina and they’re are viewed by many visitors as the best place to stay to have a true Marrakech experience. They range from basic to the luxurious. Tourists can find many on Airbnb, or luxury hotels such as La Sultana or El Fenn are hotel composed from a number of converted riads. There are a number of more  high end cool hotels in the new city.

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Marrakech is the most popular location for international real estate buyers at, very popular with British second homeowners and investors, some of the most popular type of properties to buy are without doubt the traditional Moroccan housing including Riads. 


Drop in Visits from some European countries

According to a statement of the Regional Center of Tourism in Marrakesh, the Red City has witnessed a rise in the number of visitors from the U.K., Arab countries and the U.S. while the number of visitors from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and France has decreased.

The number British tourists visiting Marrakech has increased 23 percent to reach 501,421.  Visitors from other Arab countries has reached 89,361 representing an increase of 21 percent over last year. Americans that have visited Marrakesh have increased with a rate of 2 percent compared to last year (55,402 visitors).

On the other hand, the highest decline in the tourist markets is that of Italy at 40 percent drop, followed by Germany at 38 percent, Belgium at 18 percent, then Holland and France down14 percent over last year.

Morocco property goes green


Mosques across Morocco will be fitted with solar energy systems in government scheme to boost clean energy awareness, The Guardian said Monday.

Six hundred “green mosques” are to be created in Morocco by March 2019 in a national consciousness-raising initiative that aims to speed the country’s journey to clean energy, the publication went on.

If all goes to plan, the green revamp will see LED lighting, solar thermal water heaters and photovoltaic systems installed in 100 mosques by the end of this year.

Morocco’s ministry of Islamic affairs is underwriting the innovative scheme, paying up to 70% of the initial investment costs in a partnership with the German government, the source added.

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UK government advice when buying Moroccan property

You may often find that there are several family members who jointly own the same property, especially in the case of older property, and you will need to ensure that they have all agreed to the sale It is impossible for foreigners to acquire agricultural land except in certain cases, when a change in the title deed and purpose is obtained declaring the land to be a non-farm property. You will need permission from the local authority before you start on any renovation work to your property”

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