Moroccan Government to Promote Tourism

  • 15 years ago
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The Moroccan government recently set aside US$37.3 million to invest in the tourism sector. The government and the National Tourism Federation signed an agreement to promote the North African country as a tourist destination. The plans are to spend the money to increase the number of travelers to Morocco as well as to invest in new resorts and transportation links.
In 2008 Morocco saw some 8 million visitors and is that is expected to rise to nearly 10 million in 2010. In order to meet that demand, the government wants to develop additional transportation services through airlines, such as low cost Air Arabia and other carriers. Additionally, the plan is to invest nearly $5.5 billion in new resorts in the coming years. This will increase the country’s overall bed capacity and help to promote regional tourism.
Visitors from Europe make up a significant part of the tourism sector in Morocco, with France, Spain, the UK, Italy and Germany being primary targets for increased advertising and promotion. The government and tourism federation also would like to increase visits from other countries and will work with tour operators and travel professionals to do so.
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