More Londoners Looking to the Country

  • 15 years ago
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Over the past year an increasing number of city dwellers are making plans and moving to the countryside. According to Knight Frank, since June, 2008 the number of people who have planned to move out of London has increased by nearly 10 percent. And that means going farther out, as well, according to a recent article in The Telegraph.
With prices in the city settling down and even starting to increase, more Londoners are looking to make the move to the country. Agent Jonathan Harrington was quoted in The Telegraph, saying that some 65 percent of his clients are people leaving London: “When the London market starts moving, it tends to be reflected in the country.”
While 65 percent is a large amount, the number of buyers around London and farther afield ranges from 10 percent on up, according to research from property firm Savills. In the home counties, Beaconsfield has 28 percent of buyers from London, and further out Bath has 23 percent from the capital. With the current economic situation, another trend is that buyers in the country are looking at smaller, less flashy properties.
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