Moneycorp & GE Money Join Forces

  • 17 years ago
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 17/01/2008-Overseas property companies and foreign currency specialists are by their very nature intrinsically linked and this has proved the case with Moneycorp, the foreign exchange specialist, announcing today an exclusive partnership agreement with the French property and finance specialist, GE Money Bank.
The collaboration means that GE Money Bank’s mortgage customers who transfer money to France to pay their mortgages will have their foreign exchange process facilitated by Moneycorp.
Since 1995, GE Money Bank has developed specific real estate services and mortgages to fit the needs of Britons and other Europeans who want to buy property abroad through its International Mortgage division. This expertise enables GE Money Bank to have a large number of clients and home owners in France who pay their mortgage via French bank accounts. Each month, the process of exchanging their Pounds Sterling (GPB) into Euros – before transferring it to their French bank account – can be a time consuming and expensive exercise.
With this new partnership between GE Money Bank and Moneycorp, clients will be able to automate the process of sending money to France and converting it to Euros,
enabling clients to take advantage of Moneycorp’s low transfer fees, competitive exchange rates and its Regular Payment Plan. This unique system allows customers to automate the process of sending money to France on a regular basis. 
Moneycorp is a trading division of TTT Moneycorp Limited, which has been dealing in foreign exchange since 1979 and last year traded over £10 billion in currencies.  The Company has been accredited to ISO 9000 quality assurance since 1996, a unique achievement in the foreign exchange industry.
Keith Hatton, CEO of Moneycorp, says: “Being selected by one of the world’s most recognised and respected companies further establishes Moneycorp as an industry leader. Our Regular Payment Plan service is already endorsed by several of the largest global financial institutions and GE Money Bank’s decision to exclusively partner with us represents a significant opportunity for its customers to receive the very best service, from the very best service provider.”
Amaury de Monclin, Director of International Mortgages at GE Money Bank, added: “At GE Money Bank, we are delighted to have partnered with Moneycorp. Thanks to this programme, customers will have access to additional services and products, including a low-cost, efficient and secure way to transfer their money.  This new partnership allows us to develop our business in line with the goals of our company, to facilitate home acquisition.”

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