Millionaire property owners heading for the web

Owners of million pound homes appear to be increasingly turning to the internet as they strive to sell their property in a market which can pose many challenges to sellers.

The sale of a home which is over the million pound mark is a practice substantially different from selling other types of real estate, with genuine luxury home buyers proving a rare breed within today’s market.

In response to these challenges, Nicholas Marr, CEO of Marr International, the company behind overseas property web site, explains that many millionaire home sellers are turning to the internet as a solution to the problems they face.

Mr Marr points out that his company has seen a 55 per cent increase in homes being promoted over the million pound mark and also explains that the higher the price tag, the more likely it is that your buyer will come from overseas.

“Marketing luxury homes on the internet has become an essential tool for agents and those wishing to sell their properties privately,” Mr Marr said.

“My advice would be to find a property website that represents similar homes. You will need a website that is found easily in the search engines.”

The CEO of Marr International offers his advice that sellers should visit a site such as and use a search term that a luxury home buyer may use, such as: million pound homes, millionaire homes, millionaire houses or find overseas property.

It is important to have patience, as sellers of millionaire homes may have to wait longer than regular sellers, as well as ask questions, as customers who genuinely keen on buying your home will not object to a few enquiries on the seller’s part.

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