Millionaire Lottery Winner Gets Council House

  • 16 years ago
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21/04/08-Scotland’s biggest lottery jackpot winner John McGuiness has spent more than his £10 million winnings and is facing eviction from his luxury home. The Scottish Sunday Mail reveals that an eviction hearing will be held on Tuesday. It also reports that the South Lanarkshire council have identified a two bedroom council house in the town of Netherburn, near Larkhall, for McGuinness and his family.
McGuinness has run up 2.1million in debt with no real means of paying them off, his luxury house is valued at about £750,000. McGuiness is now bankrupt but was still clinging to the hope that he might still be allowed to stay in his mansion. The Royal Bank of Scotland is to begin selling off the former family home after confirmation is received from the courts later this week
McGuinness 44 was a hospital porter before becoming Scotland’s biggest lottery winner after scooping his fortune of £10 million in1996.
His success was short lived after making investments in Livingston Football Club. The club were placed in administration following financial problems – costing McGuiness millions in legal wrangles.

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