Million pound homes selling fast

Halifax Estate Agents announced new figures that see a huge rise in the sale of Million Pound Homes in England and Wales. In fact figures have doubled over the past 12 months.
Halifax Estate Agents, said there were 7,076 home sales in excess of £1m during 2006, up 97% on the 3,600 recorded in 2005.
The bulk of  million pound homes are from central London. Postal districts of SW3 in Chelsea topped the list with 306 house sales, followed by SW7 in South Kensington with 281.
London’s housing market has been attracting wealthy foreign buyers and the luxury end of the market seems to show no signs of a major slow down.  USHE Overseas mortgages specialists have worked to secure mortgages lending for non nationals wishing to buy property in London UK. The company have witnessed increased demand for UK real estate owing to the forthcoming London Olympics
What you can get in central London for about a million pounds varies according to your location. Available at this time advertised by Rightmove is a 2 bedroom apartment in Chelsea at
£1 500,000.
Nearly a third of postcode districts in England and Wales saw at least one housing transaction greater than £1m last year, with London accounting for 62%.
A brief look at international real estate at and reveals what you can achieve for a million pounds around the world:
6 bedroom house in Valencia Spain
5 Bedroom Property in New Zealand
8 Bedroom Home Tuscany
This 4 bedroom detached house is situated in Pyrgos, north of Limassol Cyprus
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