Middle East Companies Set to Move Ahead

  • 16 years ago
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Despite the current credit crunch, Middle East companies are planning to move ahead with expansion plans into markets in Asia, the US and the Middle East. Consultants KPMG recently released a survey of 50 senior corporate investment strategists which showed the plans for new investments.
The current focus for corporate investors is on the UAE, followed by Qatar and India, then Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and China. When asked to look down the road five years, the investors think that India will be their top target. The UAE comes in second, China is in third while Qatar and the United States round out the top five countries for investment.
“These responses suggest that large Middle Eastern corporations are set on becoming more international in their operations, but are taking a cautious, step-by-step approach to investment outside the region,’ said Abdelhamid Attallah, a partner in KPMG’s Egypt member firm.”

“The worldwide problems with credit do not seem to worry these people very much. Only 13% think that this will be a problem for the foreseeable future, and many say that it will affect investment plans for no more than two or three years.”

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