Marr International Launch International Property Services

  • 16 years ago
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Marr International Ltd the company behind the successful overseas property website Homesgofast .com have launched their new corporate website and along with it services aimed at the international property industry. At a time when most companies are reducing their expansion plans Marr International are moving toward global online marketing services specifically for the real estate industry. The company is now using the experience and expertise gained in running its own network of property websites to pass onto to its customers.
Clients that are already taking advantage of the companies marketing services include advertising companies, real estate agents and property developers.
Nicholas Marr CEO “ With our proven track record in online property marketing and the demand we experienced for our expertise, it made sense for us to go beyond managing our own network of property websites. Online marketing and real estate search engine optimisation requires a specialist approach not a one size fits all. We work with companies from the point of view of having been there ourselves and apply our experience for our clients benefit”
Marr International Ltd is a UK based company which was established in 2003 as Homesgofast Ltd, it started by mainly promoting property in Spain and the Caribbean on behalf of private sellers. It has since grown to managing 18 of its own property websites and numerous websites on behalf its clients. The flagship property website at now carries some 100,000 listings from over 40 countries worldwide; its clients are some of the largest real estate companies in their regions.
Technical director at Marr international Matthew Lanham experienced an increase in demand for their SEO services “The global slowdown in the housing market has meant that property developers seek a better return on investment from their own websites. So often companies spend thousands on achieving a good looking website not realising that to get the best return it needs constant attention to search engine optimisation, this is where we come in.” 
The list of services that the company offer includes:
Real estate marketing
Marketing Consultations services 
Management of online marketing campaigns
Property exhibition marketing  
Search engine marketing
Search engine optimisation services
Online press release services
Website design
Provision of website content
Bespoke marketing packages
Property marketing  
Lead generation services 
For more information visit www.MarrInternational.Com

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