Manchester Home Sellers Go Private

  • 15 years ago
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One of the most established private sales website in the UK reports that Manchester house sellers are the websites most active sellers. The website which contains thousands of homes for sale from all over the UK identified Manchester as its latest hot spot for buyer and seller activity for June to September 09
In March this year, the company reported a 30% increase in sales compared to March 2008 following the BBC TV Show “Axe the Agent?” This surprise leap in sales in a depressed housing market indicates the huge potential of this new method of selling a property which completely excludes the services of an estate agent.
The Little House Company has been used by private individuals to sell their homes in Manchester since 2000 and has recently teamed up a Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 company Redtray.
Company Director Jane Marr  “ Manchester Estate Agents offer a number of benefits to those selling a property including arranging viewings and following up buyers for feedback, writing the property descriptive details and keeping tabs on the progress of exchange of contracts. But people strapped for cash are realising that the law doesn’t require any of these functions to be carried out by an estate agent. When an offer has been accepted, the vendor simply passes the details straight to their solicitor who does all the necessary legal work.”
“Currently DIY Home Selling accounts for just 2% of the market in the UK. In the USA it is thought to be 10-12%. There has been very little change in the way properties have been sold for over 50 years and the market is ripe for innovation.”
Marr concludes, “In the UK, 80% of all property buyers use the internet to search for their next home. We encourage home buyers to always look at both private sales websites and agent only websites to ensure they find the best deal. Some home sellers factor in an agents commission into an asking price with a private sale you are guaranteed that this is not the case.
Established in 2000, The Little House Company is the UK’s most established private sales website for selling houses in Manchester without an estate agent. offer an alterantive to Sell UK property fast

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