Malaysians have enormous confidence in countrys property market

  • 12 years ago
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The strong local economy and
political climate makes Malaysia an excellent place to invest in property.  That’s the view of a leading Malaysian
property expert who also believes that the country remains attractive to
foreign property buyers.’s Asia Property Market Sentiment Report 2012
for the second half of this year is upbeat about Malaysian property, and Chief
Executive Officer of iProperty Group, Shaun Di Gregorio, believes the country
remains a great place to invest. 
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Most buyers looking for Malaysian properties worth £30,000 to £100,000

Mr Di Gregorio cited the results
of his company’s sentiment report which found that around 52 per cent of 11,966
Malaysian online survey respondents said the current and political climate is
conducive enough to property investment.

He said: “The strong growth
of the Malaysian economy is also one of the strongest contributing factors for
the enormous confidence that Malaysians have in the property market here.  Usually, the property market in a
country grows in tandem with the economic growth of the specific country.”

Mr Di Gregorio also said that
consumers are likely to maintain a cautious approach in purchasing high-end
properties due to the loan-to-value ratio of 70 per cent.  Over 70 per cent of the survey
respondents stated that their budget for property investment was under
RM500,000 (£100,700).

He added: “Most of them
prefer properties with a price tag of between RM150,000 (£30,200) to RM500,000
(£100,700).  This is also becoming
the appetite of many housing developers in Malaysia lately because they realise
the untapped potential in the specific price segment.”

However, Di Gregorio said that housing
affordability remains the biggest concern of Malaysians.  Respondents to the survey said that
they wanted the Malaysian government to introduce tax deductions on housing
loans to enable more young professionals to own a property.

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