Makry Gialos, Crete

  • 15 years ago
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The town of Makry Gialos on the southeast part of Crete has long been a popular tourist resort. The beaches on the famous Greek island are beautiful with clear, shallow water and the climate is quite nice year round. Additionally, it is an ideal place for Brits and expats who are looking for a vacation home as the housing market is steady and primed for solid long term growth.


Makry Gialos, which is often spelled as one word, is 38 kilometers south of Sitia and is bordered by Koutsouras and Analupsi, two seaside villages. The resort is popular with families, though there is plenty for individuals and couples to do as well. There are many nice homes for rent, so it is an ideal place for an investment home or apartment that can be used for vacations and rented out the rest of the year.


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